Real talk with women who walk the talk

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As a brand run by two powerhouse women, we at FabAlley know and believe that being a boss woman goes beyond honeyed "women-can-run-the-show" conversations. It is not just about making that one move. It’s about owning that move, and the journey that follows.

So here it is. No fluff, No preaching. Just real talk with self-standing women who undeniably mean business!

Tanya Nambiar

The Side-Hustler

From dreamy jazz numbers to desi voice-overs for ads, Tanya’s voice is her ammunition, and the microphone, her weapon. But as she likes to put it, she’s a “middle-class hustler”, and sticking to one dream ain’t her thing! Meet Tanya Nambiar; singer, VO-artist and now, co-founder of El Diablo Sauces.

Upasna Dash

The Storyteller

She’s worked with the biggest agencies charting out PR strategies for the biggest multinationals but confining herself to the traditional ways of how the industry operates wasn’t Upasna’s goal. A laptop, a couch and two years later, she’s now redefining PR, weaving impactful narratives for billion-dollar companies and thinktanks.

Garima Avtar

The Brazen Believer

Married at all of 18, life took a twisted course for Garima. Now at 40, she’s one of a handful of Indian women rally drivers, shining bright in a male-dominated sport. The secret behind her success? Discovering her truest passion and beating every norm to chase it.

Megha Agarwal

The Gourmet Leader

Cooking it was at the age of 7, and cooking it still is for Megha. Heading the kitchens of two of Delhi’s favorite watering holes, Megha is changing the way women are perceived in labor- intensive food establishments, all while being her composed self.